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Pinhole to Pixel

This cd rom presents 13 years of my explorations into lensless photography. It includes photographs and unique cameras created from 1983 to 1995. There is also a section providing concepts and technical information about the process.

I created this interactive piece with what was, at the time, modern delivery techniques. In 1996, “Pinhole to Pixel” was produced and distributed as a catalog for a solo exhibition at Orange Coast College. This new version has been updated for Windows and OSX operating systems. The content has not been changed.

With hundreds of photographs, dozens of cameras, videos. narrations and text, this interactive, cd rom project provides insight into my creative process with lensless or pinhole photography. For example, in the Cameras and Photos section, one area features cameras that are very sculptural. To see a few, similar samples go to the Sculptural Camera segment in this web site.
cd cover image: “Walks through Walls” 1983
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