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 Selected Lectures/Presentations:
 One Person Exhibitions:

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 Selected Group Exhibitions:

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 Selected Publications:

Photo Poche, "Stenope" Actes Sud, Paris France 2007

Los Angeles Times, "Seeing What Develops" Calendar Section, October 1, 1996.

Kobe Aid Fund: World Photo Art Exhibition & Auction Eikoh Hosoe, page 231, 1996

Photography 5th Edition, London/Upton "Pinhole Photography" pages 200-201, 1994

Los Angeles Times, Millennium's End Through a Lens Darkly, Calendar Section, Dec. 7, 1993

Photo Asia, "Pinhole Procession, Part 2" June, 1993

Photo Asia, "Pinhole Procession, Part 1" May, 1993

Los Angeles Times, View, "Pinhole Peeker", April 18, 1993

Minolta Mirror, "Pinhole Procession" Annual Publication, 1992

Pinhole Journal, Vol.8 #2, August, 1992, Vol. 3 #1 & #2, 1987, Vol. 2 #2, 1986

The Pinhole Journal, Vol. 6 #3, 1990

American Photographer, "Pinhole" 5/89

Artweek, Volume 20, #13 4/1/89

Los Angeles Times, Calendar, 3/9/89

Information Cultural Nueve Edicion de FOCO, Madrid, Spain, 1986

Diorama, FOCO, Madrid, Spain, 1986

The Visionary Pinhole, catalog, 1985

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