Peggy Ann Jones
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-without a lens:

 triple aperture
 wind dispersal
 coco camera obscura
 black hole photography
 mono lake


sculptural cameras:

In this area you view cameras that are also sculptures,
and the photographs they produced.

 jules verne

sculptural photographs:

This area includes photographic sculptures. They are three-dimensional objects that incorporate photograhic elements in some way.

 veil project
 recounting the road
 pet bottles


all the work in this area involves images and books in some fashion.

the artist:

information on the artist, Peggy Ann Jones, including


Find out more about the cd-rom titled Pinhole to Pixel that presents 13 years of work as well as technical information on creating and photographing with lensless or pinhole cameras.

Information on constructing and using a lensless, pinhole camera